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Laughing through the Pain

posted by Katie Porter

This economic meltdown isn't fun for anyone, not even bankruptcy law professors. But Americans are creative, resilient folks and in the midst of hardship, some people are finding ways to cheer themselves with humor. Here are three recent examples to lighten your day:

A former student of mine wanted to teach his elementary school-age son about the financial system and give him a taste of entreprenuership. They created Bankster Buddies toilet paper, which is printed with the faces of government officials who had a role in the meltdown. The bipartisan paper bears a memorable slogan: They dump on us; we wipe with them!

Next up is the Disposable Bullshit Bag. The bag comes printed with directions and carries a handy warning:  "Do not attempt to dispose of your BS through any government agency since they produce more bullshit than they can dispose of themselves." I've located a picture here but don't know where to purchase them. They are the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for family member though.

Max Gardner of Shelby NC sent me a new twist on a classic song. Take a load off Fannie illustrates the current meltdown with visual images, including some great headlines from 2008 like "Bernake says housing crisis is contained."

I'm sure Credit Slips readers will have other examples. I think I've already pushed the outer limits of taste with my first two examples, so keep it in bounds, but feel free to share. We all need a laugh to lighten our load these days.


My mother a Bankruptcy Attorney of 25+ years was trying to teach my daughter a "classic" nursery rhyme. Although being a Mensa candidate,for some reason she forgot some....well most of the words. Being an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, she was used to thinking on her feet. "Paddy cake paddy cake Bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can........roll em up, roll em up???.....throw em in the Plan!" I think maybe work was getting to her that day. It took me months to convince my daughter that grandma was a little kooky that day and that she really meant "Pan". How do you explain "Plan" to a 5 year old? It was cute to hear my daughter trying to teach my youngest, in her tiny voice, "Throw em in the PLAN"!

Hi Katie,

I stop by to read credit slips about once a week, and was surprised to see my silly protest in your posting. Most people are angry about America's middle class being harnessed and shackeled to pay for the bankster oligarchy's errors and corruptions. There are numerous talk shows fanning the flames of this anger. The problem is that anger is thinking without doing; it is spinning, looping, ruminating, being ineffective. I encourage everyone to do something to resist the banksters, even if its silly. Its so important to get beyond ineffective anger. Don't be provoked to anger and ineffectiveness, choose to be provoked to action without anger. Without strategic defiance of corrupt authority there is eventually no liberty; those who are always compliant must be slaves. DAC

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