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Welcome Back to Jason Kilborn

posted by Bob Lawless

Comparative bankruptcy law guru Jason Kilborn has kindly agreed to reprise his guest blogging role on Credit Slips. Kilborn, a professor at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, is a regular over at the Commercial Law blog blog, but he is best known for his comparative studies of different bankruptcy systems. Kilborn's knowledge of bankruptcy laws around the world is encyclopedic.

There is a scene in Patton where Karl Malden (playing Omar Bradley) is expressing his surprise at Patton's aides for having the insignia for Patton's new rank ready-to-go, even before formal congressional approval. Malden says, "George, I think if you were named Admiral of the Turkish navy, your aides could dip into their haversacks and come up with the appropriate badges of rank." Jason, if we had a question about Turkish bankruptcy law, I bet you could come up with the appropriate priorities and distribution scheme. Thanks for taking the time to share some of your thoughts with us.


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