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Welcome Back to Jean Braucher

posted by Bob Lawless

Credit Slips would like to welcome back Jean Braucher, the Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law at the University of Arizona. Professor Braucher, a highly regarded expert in commercial and bankruptcy law, is an important voice in how these bodies of law should and should not consider consumer interests. I recommend her recent paper, available on SSRN, "A Guide to Interpretation of the 2005 Bankruptcy Law," which recently appeared in the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review. Welcome back, Jean, and thanks for again agreeing to sharing your thoughts here on Credit Slips.


Is there any help for me? We bought a house in Santa Rosa Beach approx 3 years ago for 515,000. We have an 80/20 loan and are currently paying 10% interest on the 100,000 loan and 7 % on the remainder of the loan. We tried to refinance the house but since it is no longer valued at what we purchased it for, Countrywide will not help us. We had orignally purchased the house for our retirement and since then our son and his wife had triplets, my younger brother was in the hospital for almost a year and my mother is beginning to need help...so we are living in a rental home in Spring. We know that we can't sell for what we owe, but would like to find a way to lower our interest rates on this home. We went through a bankruptcy approx 4 years ago and have a fixed retirement fund plus my husband has started his own law firm. Are we stuck paying for a house that has lost 200,000 dollars in value and having to pay high interest rates (although at signing we were told that we would have not problem refinancing)
Any suggestions?
Cathy Conrad

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