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General Blog Update

posted by Bob Lawless

In the fall, we were migrated. I had thought that entailed a change of location, but apparently it meant our blog hosting service upgraded our blog with new and improved technology. The biggest change is that readers will notice is that on extended pages (like this home page) there is now a link for the "next" page at the bottom. As big changes go, this one was pretty small.

Backstage at Credit Slips, the changes have made it a little bit easier for me to maintain the blog. Like most new and improved technologies, however, this one came with a few hiccups and changed some of the settings I had to tell the Internet tubes how to display our blog pages. It caused a few broken links, most noticeably to some of our guest author pages. I was able to fix most all of that today and updated our guest author list and links. My apologies to our guest authors for not keeping that list updated, but I was having trouble getting the links working with the new formats.

Postings have been light to nonexistent over the past week. With the academic winter break coming to an end, Credit Slips readers can expect more postings in the days to come.


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