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Credit Slipping in Newsweek

posted by Bob Lawless

Newsweek columnist Jane Bryan Quinn has a column this week about when it might make sense for a consumer to file bankruptcy. See "The Case for Walking Away. "  For expert commentary, Quinn's column features three Credit Slips regulars: Professors Adam Levitin, Katie Porter, and Elizabeth Warren. Check it out.


I saw that when it came out. MSN had a link to it on the home page. Way to go.

As of today (1/9/09) Jane Bryant Quinn's piece, "When Bankruptcy Makes Sense" is the most emailed Newsweek article of the prior seven days. I think that is a testament both to her reputation and to the sad state of the economy. Presumably, people are emailing this article to someone they know who is in financial trouble--and that is millions of Americans for certain. The piece stirred up a lot of controversy in my own family, in which I had to endure an hour-plus lecture from my banker father on the absolute evil that is bankruptcy. (Good thing he doesn't work for Citigroup!)

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