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Scholar in Residence for American Bankruptcy Institute

posted by Bob Lawless

The American Bankruptcy Institute is inviting applications from academics to serve as Robert M. Zinman Resident Scholar for the 2009 Fall Semester. The ABI Scholar performs a variety of tasks such as advising congressional staff, testifying before congressional committees, speaking at CLE programs, and handling media calls. The Resident Scholar is expected to be in the ABI offices in Alexandria, Virginia for 3-4 days per week but has the flexibility to continue to teach a class. Jack Williams is the current ABI Scholar. Past Resident Scholars have included Marianne Culhane, David Epstein, Margaret Howard, Nathalie Martin, Jeff Morris, Mark Scarberry, David Skeel and Ray Warner. You can find more information about the ABI Resident Scholars, including a narrative of their activities from past Resident Scholars, is here. Anyone interested should contact ABI Executive Director Sam Gerdano.


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