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Bankruptcy Bill, the Cartoon

posted by Bob Lawless

For those of you who have not found it, take a peak at Bankruptcy Bill, a comic strip by Gideon Kendall and Steven Horowitz. Five strips have appeared so far. You'll have to click through to read them. I won't post any of them here because I don't want to be forced to proofread every Excel file that has been filed in the Lehman bankruptcy (the bottom of this post explains). I especially recommend Bankruptcy Bill's bankruptcy haiku page, which builds on a literary tradition from the contract-law focused Raintree County Memorial Library Occasional Paper Series. By the way, thanks to Bankruptcy Bill for the shout out to Credit Slips on its blog roll.

(For the uninitiated, the Raintree County Memorial Library Occasional Paper Series can be found at the following citations: Douglass G. Boshkoff, Selected Poems on the Law of Contracts, Raintree County Memorial Library Occasional Paper No. 1, 66 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1533 (1991); Douglass G. Boshkoff, More Selected Poems on the Law of Contracts, Raintree County Memorial Library Occasional Paper No. 2, 91 Nw. U.L. Rev. 295 (1996); and Douglass G. Boshkoff, Constructive Haiku and the Law of Contracts: Raintree County Memorial Library Occasional Paper No. 3, 39 Ariz. St. L.J. 135 (2007).)


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