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LA Times: Illegal Immigrants Have Lower Mortgage Delinquency Rates

posted by Bob Lawless

The LA Times ran an article earlier this week reporting that undocumented immigrants to the United States had generally lower rates of mortgage delinquencies than other types of borrowers. It is an informative read and should be of interest to Credit Slips readers. The article is here. Hat tip to Credit Slips guest blogger, David Yen, for alerting me to the story.


Of course, it also helps if you're not paying federal or state income taxes.

Ohh-Turan-bad bad bad. Do you know how much illegal aliens pay into Social Security? The census figures will blow your mind. To boot, they pay in with absolutely no hope of ever getting any Social Security whatsoever! They do make a ton of profit for the company they work for. That profit more likely than not the Company will try to hide, but in theory the company will pay higher amounts in taxes on the increased profits. (Palin) I mean “Plain and simple”, illegal aliens give way more than they take, no matter how you slice it. Even if you look at it thru “Minuteman” colored goggles. I would like to see you travel for hundreds even thousands of miles, risking death; dismemberment; dehydration; deportation and rape just to pick grapes. For those reasons among others, illegal aliens will pay on time. They just want that taste of the “American Dream” and they would risk it all for it. That dream we all share and that is to provide for our families. Come hell or high water. That kind of reminds me of a “Country” and a people that were considered “Pioneers” and “Mavericks”. hint hint..

They are willing to pay the ultimate price for, in their minds, the ultimate reward.

UNION GRAPES! Viva la Raza!

"To boot, they pay in with absolutely no hope of ever getting any Social Security whatsoever!"

Uh, that would make them no different than many taxpayers of my age.

I actually have no dispute with open borders and free movement of labor, capital, etc., on the model of the EU. But let there also be sharing of public tax burdens as well as public benefits.

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