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Moderated Comments for the Time Being

posted by Bob Lawless

We're getting lots of comment spam from organizations explaining how their payday lending operation or credit-repair firm really could help you out. Not likely. Unfortunately, to prevent this spam from becoming an even bigger problem, I've had to set the comments to "moderated," which means they will not appear until the author of the blog post or me have had a chance to approve them. We'll approve all comments that are not spam (subject to our usual policy), but this is subject to our schedules and availability. If your comment doesn't appear, we'll get to it as soon as we can. Oh ... and there is no need to e-mail us that you posted a comment that is awaiting approval because we automatically get e-mail notifications from our blogging service.

Thanks for your patience. I really don't like doing this, but I hope it prevents Credit Slips from becoming spammed up with predatory lenders seeking new victims. As soon as the spam seems to have stopped, I'll return the comments to unmoderated.


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