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Frisky Philly Sheriff

posted by John Pottow

Did people see the news reports a month or so ago about John Green, the Sheriff in Philadelphia, who has been exercising "civil" ("official"?) disobedience regarding home foreclosures?  I'm torn between whether I think this guy is a shameless opportunist betraying the taxpayers who expect "The Law" to be the final line to enforce such unpopular decisions as a judgment of foreclosure or whether he's a hero who who's bringing a dose of common sense to the housing debacle.  Here's the webpage for his office.  Thoughts?


i'm really curious - but i can't access the link ?

I think the correct link is this:


Here's the WSJ article explaining what he's doing:


I have had deputy Sheriffs in our rural areas hold off on repos and foreclosures, giving the debtors time to file. It has happened a few times. We have quite a few clients in the law enforcement community. I guess that’s why..??? Hey, you do good work and the referrals come from unexpected sources. 1/3rd to ½ of our filings come from referrals come from former clients and local Attorneys who don’t do BKs. The rest is advertising. It’s got to be tough on them when they have to boot out a family.

Lawlessness is fine but why should it stop at refusing to enforce contracts?

How about refusing to fund "law enforcement's" bloated defined benefit pensions - acquired by selling their votes and trading on the myth of how dangerous most law enforcement jobs are (check the OSHA stats).

Paging Vallejo, CA...

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