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What Can You Buy for $5?

posted by Bob Lawless

Thanks to the always interesting The Consumerist, a project called, "the Five Dollar Comparison" caught my eye. It's a photo stream on Flickr that asks people to show what five dollars (or its equivalent) can buy around the world. (The project also seems to have its own web site, but I could not get it to come up.) Did you know that five dollars can buy 13 lottery tickets in Wales, a package of ham in Helsinki, or a can of air in Los Angeles? I didn't, but I do now--and my life is better for it. Yes, I must lead a boring life.


$5.00 in Guthrie, Oklahoma buys 1/2 day of high speed internet service. Enough time to take a look at these great pictures. (quickly)

$5.00 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, buys a cappucino, a biscotti and the Saint Cloud Times at Mississippi Bean on St. Germain Street. The comfy chair and table next to the window are free, as are the somewhat less comfy chair and table in the back. Five bucks will also get you a quesadilla with chicken and a soda pop at the WOW Cafe and Wingery in the Atwood Memorial Student Center at Saint Cloud State University.

$5.00 in Milwaukee can get you a footlong sub sandwich at any Subway.

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