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Playing in Peoria

posted by Bob Lawless

President Bush visited Peoria, Illinois, today for a fund-raising luncheon for the local Republican congressional candidate. From the coverage in the local paper (the Peoria Journal-Star):

Kent and Kristin Boyer of Peoria Heights decided to purchase the $500 tickets to the fund-raiser instead of buying the new water heater they needed.

Maybe I should update my last post and make it "What Can You Buy for $500?"

Comments are open, but let's go easy on the Peoria area. Some of my best friends grew up there, although it was Peoria proper, not the contiguous and indistinguishable Peoria Heights.


The link is dead.

Wouldn't that be $1000? It looks like it's two $500 tickets from the snippet.

It's still hard to fathom. Water heaters tend to fail catastrophically (at least mine have) and somewhat unpredictably after the first warning signs. In other words, there's no 'instead of' here.

Dead link? Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'd fix it, but it's working for me. Anyway, it's the post right below this one.

Sorry, wasn't clear. The Peoria paper link is dead.

Thanks. I fixed it. They had moved the article from its original URL.

Get off their backs. Bush has put us in more hot water than any heater they'd ever be able to buy.

Does anyone know who paid for the president and his security detail to come to Peoria, and how much it cost?

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