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2.47% of All Residential Mortgage Are in Foreclosure

posted by Adam Levitin

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Delinquency Survey, 2.47% of 1-4 family residential mortgages are in foreclosure and 6.35% are delinquent. And Credit Suisse's prediction of 6.5 million foreclosures by 2012 still looms. Scary numbers.


Several questions I immediately asked when I saw this:

1.) Of those percentages, how many are victims of Mortgage Servicing Fraud?

2.) Of those 6.5 million predicted by Credit Suisse, how many of those foreclosures are going to be initiated by Credit Suisse-owned Select Portfolio Servicing f/k/a Fairbanks Capital Corp.?

3.) Of the already foreclosed and delinquent reported by the MBA, how many of THOSE are Fairbanks/SPS foreclosures and how many of THEM are illegal?

Hang on - I sense a theme developing here...

What we be more helpful is if we knew:

1) The percentage of foreclosure that are INVESTORS/SPECULATORS vs little old ladies

2) The breakdown of what states are driving the foreclosure numbers

3) How many of these foreclosures had first payment defaults or soon thereafter

4) How many of these foreclosures are cash out refinances vs purchases

5) How many of these foreclosures could have been prevented had sub-prime lenders still been around and had product.

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