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Welcome Back to Nathalie Martin

posted by Bob Lawless

Nathalie Martin, the Dickason Professor of Law at the University of New Mexico, will be joining us again as a guest blogger. Regular readers of Credit Slips will remember Professor Martin's guest blogging stint at the beginning of the year. She has spent the last semester in the University of New Mexico School of Law legal clinic. It seemed like a very good time to get her perspective again to hear what life is like on the front line during this credit crisis. Welcome back Nathalie.


Thanks Bob, and all other bloggers! I am happy to be back blogging, after spending a semester teaching in our clinical law program. I teach clinic about once every three years, which allows me to find out first hand what is relevant to the practice of law for my students. I like to think this is value added for my doctrinal classes, and it surely makes me grateful for such a meaningful vocation. It reminds me to never squander the opportunity to participate in the transition of law student to lawyer. So here goes…we’ll start with a few clinic stories.

Already liked your first story. Looking forward to more....

Thank you.

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