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Hasta La Vista

posted by Mechele Dickerson

Let me (again) thank the Credit Slips bloggers generally, and Bob Lawless specifically, for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I have never done this before and, and quite honestly the thought of blogging terrified me. But, had I not been so fearful of having nothing to say this week, I might not have listened as intently to the talks at the Debt conference. Periodically zoning out would have been a grave error as the conference was one of the best I’ve attended in my academic career.

So, let me also take the opportunity to thank Professor Lawless, Deans Ralph Brubaker and Charles Tabb, and Sam Gerdano (ABI) for organizing that event and for asking me to attend it.

With that, I bid you a fond farewell.


I will also second Ms. Dickerson's compliment to the ABI, University of Illinois and also the sponsors for an excellent program along with everyone who worked behind the scenes that contributed to the excellence of the symposium. Even though I am the "big man who sortes through" meaning that I have spent over 40 years in extending and collecting consumer credit accounts, the subject materials and presentations were excellent.

Thank you very much Mechele! You Da bomb! Hope to hear from you again....

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