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Streaming Academics

posted by Bob Lawless

I hope our readers will excuse a little promotional material, but I have received several inquiries about our upcoming conference, "A Debtor World: Interdisciplinary Academic Symposium on Debt." Shockingly, Champaign, Illinois, is not a major travel destination for many of you, and readers have written me to ask about the conference proceedings.

If you are unable to join us here in Champaign, the conference sponsors (the University of Illinois and the American Bankruptcy Institute) have made available a live webstream for the conference. To view the live webstream, you would need to pay the same registration as the in-person attendees ($195 for ABI members, $395 for nonmembers). More information about the live webstream can be found here.

The papers presented at the conference will be collected for publication in an edited volume by an academic press. When that volume becomes available, I will make an announcement here on Credit Slips. We now return you to regular programming.


thanks, was going to ask about that....

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