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Light Blogging

posted by Bob Lawless

Our regular readers might have noticed the very light blogging this week. Sorry about that. Events conspired to keep the regular Credit Slips bloggers really busy this week at our day jobs. I have some really cool graphs on state variation in the bankruptcy filing rate I'll write up soon over the weekend.


What do the scholars say about those people who try to undermine others, by discrediting them even further, with previous poor credit history's. These bad credits may be due to a personal misfortune, health issues, etc. And there are people in high places that can manipulate the lower end people's credit reports, by undermining them with evil, fraudulent Credit Collection Agencies that are in the "Rip-Off Report Blogs". How do ordinary people defeat these invisible forces who purposefully create HAVOC, CHAOS, and PANDORA's BOX effects upon one's life ... through the Credit Reporting Agencies ... by bringing up old debts that were written-off, etc. and causing a whole new lowering of credit scores that were up, but then brought lower than the original problem over 5 years ago?

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