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Mr. Autrey Speaks for Himself

posted by Elizabeth Warren

Steve Autrey was one of those people who had been invited to testify before the House subcommittee yesterday.  He showed up, but he was was silenced when the committee decided he couldn't testify unless he signed a waiver permitting his credit card company to say whatever they wanted about his financial records.

But this isn't a Congressional committee, so, with Steve's permission, we can make his testimony a post on Credit Slips.  Comments are open to anyone.

Thanks, Steve, for telling your story. 


Professor Warren, on behalf of financial fraud victims of all types, I want to thank you for giving Mr. Autrey the opportunity to have his testimony heard when the federal government refused to do so, without agreeing to potentially legally detrimental caveats, even after inviting him to speak. While I wouldn't presume to speak for Mr. Autrey, I know that one of the biggest issues for me has always simply been being allowed to tell my story. Regardless of the ultimate outcome of any situation that opportunity, in and of itself, goes miles toward allowing a victim to start regaining some sense of balance again.

Thank you.

Was thinking about this all weekend. So what I came up with is this. Why don't you get people who have already had their finances opened up and looked at by the government? Discharged Chapter 7 debtors who have already had their credit card statements, bank accounts, assets etc...opened up and reviewed already by the U.S. Trustee. Make sure they have been discharged for a year already. They, for the most part are already on record. There are a whole bunch of fish in that barrel and their current bank statements are irrelevant. You have a potential road map that will show the pitfalls and traps that debtors can fall into. Just a thought….. Haven’t seen the question part of the testimony yet but will listen to it today as I get ready for next weeks Chapter 13 confirmation docket.

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