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A Debtor's World: An Interdisciplinary Academic Conference

posted by Bob Lawless

On May 2-3, the University of Illinois College of Law and the American Bankruptcy Institute are sponsoring "A Debtor's World: An Interdisciplinary Academic on Debt." Our goals is to bring together leading scholars from different disciplines to have a conversation about how our society should use and think about debt. Confirmed speakers include Terry Halliday (American Bar Foundation), Heidi Hurd (Illinois, Philosophy and Law), Brian Knutson (Stanford, Neuroscience), Stephen Lea (Exeter, Psychology), Gerry McNamara (Michigan State, Management), Craig Muldrew (Queens College of Cambridge, History), George Ritzer (Maryland, Sociology), Amir Sufi (Chicago, Business), Teresa Sullivan (Michigan, Sociology), Paul Vaaler (Minnesota, Management), Elizabeth Warren (Harvard, Law), and Rich Wiener (Nebraska, Psychology). The keynote speaker is James Scurlock, the producer of the documentary Maxed Out. More information, including a link to the registration materials is here.


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