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NYT Topic Page on Bankruptcy

posted by Bob Lawless

One of my friends--and you know who you are--gave me some serious stick for not putting up a post on Jane Birnbaum's January 12 New York Times article on the state of the bankruptcy system. It took me a while to find it on the NYT web site. For some reason that is not readily apparent to me, searching on the word "lawless" produces more hits about tribal regions in Pakistan than for myself. Is it possible that it is really not all about me? Anyway, the article featured several great quotes from fellow Credit Slips bloggers Debb Thorne and the usual boring numbers stuff from me.

The real reason I thought it was a good idea to bring up this article now was the NYT also put together a "Times Topic" page for bankruptcy. It collects a number of resources on bankruptcy as selected by the NYT editors, including a number of scholarly papers and books by Credit Slips contributors.


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