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Call for Banking and Consumer Financial Services Papers

posted by Katie Porter

The University of Connecticut School of Law is hosting a Junior Scholar Workshop on Banking and Cosnumer Financial Services Law on May 28-29th. Consumer Financial Services is certainly a hot area of policymaking right now, and this academic conference promises to be exciting and timely.

Papers may be submitted by any law faculty with less than eight years of teaching, and may be on topics, including, but not limited to:

  • State and federal supervision and regulation of bank safety and soundness
  • Consumer financial services and the regulation of those services
  • Payment systems and other topics of commercial law relating to consumer banking
  • Legal implications of bank-based systems of finance; and
  • International banking principles, supervision and regulation

Submissions are due Friday February 29th and may either be in the form of a full paper or a precis of 800-1200 words. To submit a paper or for more information, contact Prof. Patricia McCoy at the University of Connecticut School of Law.


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