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Requests for Help

posted by Bob Lawless

Maybe it's the growing mortgage crisis ... maybe it's the blog's growing readership ... maybe it's a little of both. But, we seem to be getting more direct inquiries from people facing legal troubles. It seemed a good time to remind everyone of what we say on the policies page:

We do not provide legal advice, and nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. We are not all even lawyers. Those of us who are lawyers can get in trouble for giving advice outside the states where we are licensed. Being in debt can be very stressful, and we understand the desire to reach out for help. Please do not contact us for advice because we cannot help you.

It pains me to turn people away, but neither myself or anyone else connected with the Credit Slips blog is in a position to help. I'm sorry if you have contacted one of us, and we have not gotten back to you, but those of us with legal training are just not set up to help people with their individual legal problems. In any event, the legal profession is regulated, and we're not allowed to give out advice in places where we are not licensed. For regulatory reasons, many of us are on inactive status in places where we are admitted to the bar. Finally, we are not familiar with local practices in jurisdictions around the country, and you're better off with someone who is.


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  • As a public service, the University of Illinois College of Law operates Bankr-L, an e-mail list on which bankruptcy professionals can exchange information. Bankr-L is administered by one of the Credit Slips bloggers, Professor Robert M. Lawless of the University of Illinois. Although Bankr-L is a free service, membership is limited only to persons with a professional connection to the bankruptcy field (e.g., lawyer, accountant, academic, judge). To request a subscription on Bankr-L, click here to visit the page for the list and then click on the link for "Subscribe." After completing the information there, please also send an e-mail to Professor Lawless ([email protected]) with a short description of your professional connection to bankruptcy. A link to a URL with a professional bio or other identifying information would be great.