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Best Wishes for the New Year

posted by Bob Lawless

On behalf of the Credit Slips crew, I wanted to wish all of our readers best wishes for the new year. Our blogging has been a little light the past week, but we'll pick it back up after the holidays. Be looking for guest blogger updates from the scholarly happenings related to credit and bankruptcy at the Association of American Law Schools annual meeting.

Also, I wanted to update our readers on the problem with the comments. Two weeks ago, Typepad had been having problems with a new spam filter as I mentioned here. Those problems seem to be fixed, and we have not had any recent problems with comments not appearing on this site. Typepad addressed the overall situation with a nice update and apology here. I really appreciated that and wish more companies would follow this straight-forward approach with their customers--"Sorry, we made a mistake, and we've fixed it."

That approach is much more likely to keep me as a customer than . . . oh, I don't know . . . shipping my mother's Christmas present in a box that looks like it came through a war zone, breaking the contents inside, refusing to simply exchange the present for the precise same item in the local store, charging me more sales tax to exchange the item because the in-store return policy is different than the return policy for online purchases, and then not even offering a simply "we're sorry for your trouble."


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