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Predatory Lenders Unite!

posted by Elizabeth Warren

At last, a website for predatory lenders! A place to get together to swap ideas about how to maximize profits, tips on racial profiling, and ways to get around the new laws insulating military families from payday lenders. There is a handy fee calculator, so a novice predatory lender can make sure it getting the most out of its predatory loans. There's even a blacklist.

Most of all, this site combats the public's misunderstanding that predatory lending is bad.

Check it out. The site is wicked.


If this site is real, and not an "Onion" type of satire, it's scary as hell!

This site you are talking about is pure satire! Personally I think it is playing dirty and I can't believe that someone would try to pass this off as real to bash the payday loan industry! Whoever did this is scum! I would bet that the majority of the people opposed to the payday loan have never been in a situation where they needed one. People say there are better options. Well most people aren't completely stupid! If there was a better option, they would use it! Payday loans are a choice! For some it works for them and can help them out of a tough situation. There will always be the borrower who is just trying to score their next bag of weed or get money to drink on, but what about the person that is about to have a couple of small checks hit the bank and because of an accounting error they made by accident, their bank is going to charge them $34 for each check and then demand that they cover this fee by the next day? (What’s the APR on that 1 day loan?) What about the senior on welfare that needs a prescription not covered by their Medicare? What about the working single mother that is about to have her electric shut off in the middle of December? There are reasons that the service serves people for the good. ME INCLUDED! There are also people that will abuse the system and get themselves in debt. People that don’t think. But that doesn’t mean that we need our government to think for everybody! Don't take away what for some is the only option available to them! In a free country, people are free to do good and bad. Free to do smart things and stupid things. That is the price of freedom. The government needs to keep their noses out of the business of American people!

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