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Comings & Goings

posted by Bob Lawless

The beginning of October marks a coming and going for our guest bloggers. First, we would like to thank Professor Adam Levitin of the Georgetown University Law Center for joining us the past two weeks. Levitin has been doing some interesting work at the intersection of payment systems and consumer credit policy. His posts showed how we cannot have a good understanding of consumer credit without understanding the incentives that payment systems create, especially the point that the current U.S. systems do not require users to internalize the costs of their choice of payments systems. Levitin will be an important voice in these fields for many years to come, and Credit Slips readers will want to follow his work. Also, Professor Levitin was recently named the recipient for the Editors' Prize for Best Article in the 2007 volume of the American Bankruptcy Law Journal for this article, "Towards a Federal Common Law of Bankruptcy: Judicial Lawmaking in a Statutory Regime." (An SSRN version of the paper can be found here.)

Joining us for the coming week is John Armour, the Lovells Professor of Law & Finance at Oxford University. Armour is widely published in the areas of corporate and bankruptcy law. He is especially interested in the effects of insolvency law on a country's economic system. Armour is in the middle of a massive empirical project capturing legal change in insolvency laws across many different countries. I always have found Armour's articles to be quite insightful and had the pleasure of finally meeting him last spring. We were thrilled when he agreed to join us a guest blogger, and we are sure our readers will welcome his contributions.


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