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Living with the New Bankruptcy Law Conference

posted by Katie Porter

The Debtor-Creditor section of the American Association of Law Schools is having a special meeting in conjunction with the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges'  Annual Meeting in Orlando. The NCBJ will meet October 10-12 and the Debtor-Creditor section will meet October 12-13. Registrants who sign up for the AALS Debtor-Creditor program, entitled Living with the New Bankruptcy Law, are admitted to the entire NCBJ program. The fee is very reasonable, thanks to efforts by the NCBJ to reach out to the academic community.

What's on the program? It kicks off with a discussion led by six judges on collaborative curricular and extracurricular programs that can improve law students' knowledge of bankruptcy law and practice.  The next day, Eric Brunstad will give a keynote presentation of how federal courts do and should rule on bankruptcy issues. The plenary program that follows is entitled Perspectives on the Impact of the 2005 Act, at which I plan to present the first data from the new 2007 Consumer Bankruptcy Project Phase IV. Jonathan Lipson and William Widen are also making presentations at that panel, and Judge Wedoff will offer comments. The event winds up with concurrent sessions and an off-site dinner. All this is on top of the preceding days of NCBJ Annual Meeting presentations.

At NCBJ, the highlights include a conversation with Justice Clarence Thomas, more than a dozen panel presentations, and the all-important ample opportunity to earn ethics CLE credit. Several professors are presenting at NCBJ, including Ralph Brubaker, Jean Braucher, Mechele Dickerson, David Epstein, Nancy Rapoport, Jay Westbrook, and Michaela White, and hopefully most of these folks are also attending the AALS Living with the New Bankruptcy Law meeting. For entertainment, there is a breakfast with Dave Barry sponsored by the Commerical Law League, a talk by George Will sponsored by the International Women's Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation, and a performance by the Pointer Sisters.

Professors: Register for the AALS Living with the New Law program (which includes admittance to the NCBJ educational programs) directly through AALS. The meeting organizers are Jean Braucher and Nathalie Martin if anyone has questions.

Others: To register for the NCBJ Annual Meeting or see the full program, click here.


I thought one of the Pointer Sisters died recently; the other two are still touring?

George Will being sponsored by a group that focuses on Insolvent Women is comedy gold in itself.

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