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Welcome to Stephen Lubben

posted by Bob Lawless

Credit Slips is pleased to welcome Stephen Lubben as a guest blogger. Stephen is the Daniel J. Moore Professor of Law at Seton Hall University and an expert corporate reorganizations, including chapter 11 bankruptcy. I first met Stephen a number of years ago, and he immediately impressed me as an academic on the rise. His papers are careful, analytical, and empirically based. He writes without an agenda and is not afraid to take on conventional wisdom. He also proves that nice guys don't have to finish last. Currently, Stephen is in the final stages of a major empirical project on chapter 11 professional fees. I suspect he will have a lot to say about professional fees and plenty of other chapter 11 issues.

Stephen currently has a paper on the Social Science Research Network called Delaware's Irrelevance about whether large corporate reorganizations filed in Delaware have a higher refiling rate than elsewhere. For the uninitiated, that issue has been a huge topic of debate in bankruptcy circles. Stephen challenges both sides of the debate, and I hope we hear more about his work in the coming week.


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