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From the Practitioners' Mouths (Worth Reading)

posted by Bob Lawless

Cathy Vance, the vice president of research and policy and associate general counsel at Development Specialists, Inc., and formerly national education coordinator at the Commercial Law League of American (CLLA) during the eight years the 2005 bankruptcy law wended its way through Congress, has reported on a CLLA survey of bankruptcy practitioners and their reactions to the 2005 bankruptcy law. The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog has Vance's summary here. If you have not seen it, the summary is worth reading. To whet your interests: 47% of respondents reported they had increased what they charge clients because of the 2005 law, and 23% said they had recommended an alternative to bankruptcy for their small-business clients because of the 2005 law's harsh treatment of small business debtors. To learn the rest of the findings, you'll have to read the summary.


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