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Pottow on "Lawless v. Tabb"

posted by John Pottow

I was delighted to see a spirited debate on Credit Slips a month ago between Professors Lawless and Tabb on the latter's recent writings and the former's recent opinings on the means test, posted here.

Yet what even these two great legal minds neglected was that I have answered this question -- at least the one regarding new section 707(b)(3)(B) of the Code -- in "The Totality of the Circumstances of the Debtor's Financial Circumstances in a Post-Means Test World: Trying to Bridge the Wedoff/Culhane & White Divide, published at  71 Mo. L. Rev. 1053  (2006).   (And I will make the link to SSRN, just to see if I get any credit counselling services down my page's side too!)

I'll leave it to die-hards only to see on which side I came out....


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