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A Non-Contingent Thank You to David Moss

posted by Elizabeth Warren

It has been a treat to read David Moss's posting this week on income-contingent lending in higher education.  He introduces an idea we haven't been talking about, and he offers a rich intellectual history to put it all in context.  Financing college through ICL is a creative policy idea worth talking more about.

For those who would like to get to know David's ideas better, I recommend his book, When All Else Fails:  Government as the Ultimate Risk Manager.  Bob mentioned it, but I want to bait the hook with more information:  The book ties together flood insurance, product liability, central banking and bankruptcy--truly fascinating stuff.  David has a truly original mind.   

Because David and I teach at the same university, I have the pleasure of regular lunches at the Border Cafe (in this case, the "Border" signifies the half-way mark between the Business School and the Law School).  David always makes me think about new things--even though I always order the same gaucho chicken.  His guest posts on CreditSlips have been equally invigorating.

Thank you, David. 


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