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Thank You, I Love You, You've Been a Wonderful Audience

posted by Buce

(And exit, to cheers and applause).  This is my last post at CreditSlips--or, more precisely, this was.  It remains only to express my apprection to the whole crew for letting me noodle with the equipment while the grownups were away, and to have a chance to move some stuff off my desk into a good home -- and for directing an impressive bunch of new readers to Underbelly, the primo blog for issues of attention surplus disorder.  Oh, and not at all least, to Bob Lawless for that cool introduction, which left some of my nearest and dearest in a state of gobsmacked astonishment.

Meanwhile, don't be a stranger.  Come visit us often, and in particular, come now: you are just in time for The Bucies.


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