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PIRG to the People!

posted by John Pottow

I thought Credit Slips readers might be interested to hear that PIRG has come up with a telephone script to help consumers negotiate rate adjustments (i.e., lowerings) on their personal credit cards.   Some lenders interviewed for a newspaper article said, sure they lower rates sometimes, but they were (understandably) coy about giving specifics on quantities.


CAn you give a specific link on the script to which you refer?

Basically, the script is simple: "Hi, I just looked at my statement -- compared to the offers I am getting -- my interest rate seems way too high...What can you do for me (optional add-ons) I am a good/longime customer...Thinking of taking up one of these offers..."

You can find our report Deflate Your Rate here http://tinyurl.com/2u2bl6 and you can find our main credit card pages here http://uspirg.org/financial-privacy-security/the-truth-about-credit Sorry for the long urls, that is why I made the tiny one.
Ed Mierzwinski
Consumer Program Director

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