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Lander on Adjuncts

posted by Buce

If a vanload of commercial law profs rolled off a cliff, would they replace us?

David Lander is well known to many readers of CreditSlips as a skilled business/commercial lawyer who retains an enduring interest in issues of consumer credit and consumer protection. David also does some teaching, and (like many of us) he has concerns about the place of the commercial law curriculum in the law school passage—in particular, the (apparent) growth of the use of adjuncts to teach "regular" classes (um, we do think they are regular, do we not?). He’s working on a paper to explore some of the implications. In the hope of expanding the discussion, David has kindly allowed me to post a (highly preliminary) draft here. Reader comments invited.  Here's the link:

Download lander_on_adjuncts.DOC


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