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Elsewhere In The Blogosphere...

posted by Buce

I feel the urge to showcase a `couple of blogs that may not have surfaced  so far on the radar of CreditSlips readers.

 I mostly bypass the specialized bankruptcy blogs: there are so many and it is kind of like counting bees—you never know which ones you have already counted.. Most readers will have their own views on specific items among the proliferation of commercial marketing blogs created by law firms and others, many of which are mediocre and some of which are butt awful. One difficulty that particularly seems to affect the good ones is that the proprietors seem to be discovering that it is a lot of work. Thus the ABI BAPCPA blog started strong but hasn’t surfaced a new post October. The same fate may be overtaking the Bankruptcy Litigation Blog, or maybe he is just taking a long holiday.  One apparent survivor that perhaps does deserve mention is The Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog (no apostrophe?), if only because it succeeded in getting the phrase “Illinois … Professor” into the headline of two separate posts, for two separate professors (Lawless and Tabb).  BLB does mostly consumer BAPCPA. For business BK, there is straightforward stuff at In the (Red).

But further afield--how many readers have ventured far enough afield to find The Housing Bubble Blog? As one who has lived through nine of the last four recessions, I find it riveting: of course if the market ever does turn up, these guys will be perhaps the last to know.  Absolutely do not overlook the slide show. 

Or, if that isn’t enough, allow me to introduce The Payday Loan Industry Watch—not quite a blog, but they’ve got an RSS news feed and Podcasts, along with a direct link for your payday borrowing needs.  And finally, if none of this provides life in tooth and claw, try I Am Facing Foreclosure (good news: his Bible reading is up to 138 chapters, but no word on whether this includes Chapter 11).


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