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Where's Our Cut?

posted by Bob Lawless

Google_credit_slips The Credit Slips contributors have an understanding of the Internet that falls somewhere between Sen. Ted Stevens analogy to a series of tubes and Al Gore's supposedly claiming to having invented it. For example, we were amazed the first time we typed in "creditslips.org," and the tubes actually took us to our web site. Another time, we had thought maybe we should get the rights to "creditslips.com" and other related names, but then decided that would require time, effort, and money. We don't like to expend time, effort, and money. Besides, we should be so lucky that someone would care enough to cybersquat on our name.

In a comment to a post yesterday, Credit Slips reader Dave noted, "Ironically, when you Google 'credit slips' there is usually at least one sidebar ad for a credit card." Could that be right? I had to try this myself. Sure enough, I got ads for "Easy Bad Credit Loans" and "Get a Credit Card Now" as well as several solicitations assuming I was a merchant and offering to sell me equipment for credit card imprinters. How did the tubes know?

Regular readers of this blog but especially my friends and family will not be surprised to learn that I find this commercialization of our work appalling. It is occurring entirely without any compensation to us and by "us," I mean "me."


Eh. You probably get some traffic from Google, and I believe that TypePad operates on a similar context-ad system. The fact that the entire Internet is supported by ads is the main reason that the entire Internet is basically free.

Tongue was planted firmly in cheek regarding the lack of compensation. Given all the discussions we have about the problems with consumer credit, the irony of the Google ads was too much to pass up.

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