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Old Holiday Favorites

posted by Bob Lawless

With the aroma of oven-roasted turkey and fresh-baked pumpkin pies hanging in the air, it reminds me that the holiday shopping seasons is almost upon us, and we'll soon be enjoying seasonal music. One song that never fails to bring tears to my eyes is "It's Always Christmas Time for Visa." Thanks to the folks at Consumers Union and their Financial Privacy Now blog for sponsoring and reminding us about this great tune.

In a similar vein, Credit Slips contributors who shop at Wal-Mart will enjoy JibJab's "Big Box Mart" video. Our readers who haven't seen it will probably like it also. This is a Lawless family favorite. My 12-year old son could not sing the words to "O Susanna" if his life depended on it, but he can be heard to walk around the house crooning, "O Big Box-Mart, look what you've done to me . . . ."


Ironically, when you google "credit slips" there is usually at least one sidebar ad for a credit card. And they say that Google is all knowing...

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