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Technical Troubles?

posted by Bob Lawless

This is going to seem like an unusual request, but I have been in tech support hell for the past few days. Everyone has tried to be helpful, but I cannot figure out whether we are having a problem with the blog or not. One person reported to me an inability to reach the site, but we could not figure out whether the problem was with her ISP or with our site. I now know far more about Internet domains than I ever wanted to know. Yesterday, I had a problem accessing the site for about thirty seconds. It was as if the domain did not exist but only for that short time period. It's one of those computer problems that is intermittent, making it extremely difficult to diagnose.

First, if you've have had problems accessing the site, I apologize. If you have had problems, could you post a comment and let me know. What makes this even stranger is that it seems to be characterized by a geographic locale than an ISP. If you could let me know your geographic location, that would be great. The comments are moderated meaning I will see them but they won't get posted to the blog. Thanks.


We are suffering through a similar problem right now. We changed ISPs over the holidays and it lead to a cascading series of snafus ("CSS"). Did you ever determine the root of your problem or did it go away with time?

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