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Yet Another Blog

posted by Bob Lawless

Welcome to Credit Slips, a new blog on all things about credit and bankruptcy. In this space, the seven of us will be doing what we like to do when we get together--discussing and debating what does happen and what should happen when consumers and businesses borrow money. Because most every consumer or business borrows money, we hope to have a lot to say that will interest a lot of people.

We are seven academics who have come to know each other over the years and are now in the middle of a large research project known as Consumer Bankruptcy Project IV. The authors of the blog will be:

  • Melissa Jacoby, law professor, University of North Carolina
  • Bob Lawless, law professor, University of Illinois
  • Angie Litwin, Climenko Fellow, Harvard Law School
  • Katie Porter, law professor, University of Iowa
  • John Pottow, law professor, University of Michigan
  • Debb Thorne, sociology professor, Ohio University
  • Elizabeth Warren, law professor, Harvard Law School

More information about each of us appears in the links on the left-hand side.

We intend to make the site of general interest to anyone who is concerned about debt and credit issues, and we'll come at these issues from different perspectives. Among the seven of us, we have areas of special interest on debt such as how it especially affects families, entrepreneurs, the elderly, and persons in rural area. Basically, we'll be posting on whatever we encounter in our research and teaching that is new, different, or important. We'll try to keep the discussion lively and the topics interesting.


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